Effective Lawn and Garden Pest Control in Sydney


Although the most noxious pests are those which colonize your house itself, insects and other animals that infest your yard and garden can also require effective pest control in Sydney. These pests can affect you in one of two ways; they can make your outdoor spaces dangerous by biting or stinging you while you are walking around outside, or they can damage your plants and lawn, causing unsightly changes in your yard.

Genera Pest Management ( can handle all types of pests for you under the open air, just as effectively as those which are found under your roof and within the space delimited by your walls.

Mole crickets are just one example of the lawn pests you may encounter – one which is harmless to you, but which will disfigure an otherwise pristine swath of grass with large brown splotches if left uncontrolled. These burly insects lurk in burrows and emerge to devour the grass right above the ground, leaving most of the blade standing but separating it from the root. The grass blades treated thus die, creating brown blotches around each cluster of burrows.

The African Black Beetle, Heteronychus arator, is another lawn pest whose white grubs, which are around 25mm long, eat grass off at the roots in much the same way as mole crickets. They may also attack the roots of young ornamental or fruit trees, and can cause considerable damage to potatoes and other garden vegetables. Identifying and coping with these pests requires slightly different measures than mole crickets.

Wasps are a lawn and garden pest which are a hazard to people and animals rather than foliage and flowers. These insects may make their nests in the ground or hanging in tree or beneath your eaves, and will aggressively defend it with stings if you accidentally venture near their home. They are a particularly large threat to small children and pets.

We at Genera Pest Management possess the skill, the experience, and the equipment to successfully control these and a host of other outdoor pests which may affect your lawn and garden. Call us or visit us at for a free quote and details of how we will cope with your need for outdoor pest control in Sydney!

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