Detecting Termite Pests


Termites are silent, unseen pests that often remain undetected until major damage has been done to your home.  The extent of the damage will often require significant replacement of beams and other wooden structures, causing expense and inconvenience.  If you are able to detect and have termites removed before they have a chance to really ‘dig in’, you will save yourself a lot of money and effort.  Always keep in mind that pest control in Sydney is only as far away as your telephone.

One of the first signs that termites are in your home is when you see a cloud of winged termites rising up next to the window one sunny morning in November or December.  Now is the time to immediately call Genera Pest Management.  Do not try to investigate the swarm yourself as poking around will often cause the termites to relocate – usually to another part of your home where they will continue their damage.

Some of the other signs that you may have a pest control problem include finding sawdust around your home or hearing a hollow sound when you walk over a floor or tap on a door frame.  When the infestation is really serious, you can sometimes hear the termites in the wall if you put your ear to it and give it a sharp rap.  The longer you wait to call Genera Pest Management for an inspection and/or treatment, the worse the damage can become.

The climate of Sydney is just what termites like, warm and moist, and no home that contains wood should be considered to be safe from these insects.  Your home should be inspected at least once a year, detect and eliminate any colonies found.  Don’t let these uninvited squatters move in and live off your house, call Sydney pest control to get peace of mind.  And remember, your homeowner’s insurance policy will not cover the damage caused by termites.

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