Dampwood Termite Control for Sydney Homes


Drywood termites, as described in our last blog post, are difficult to detect when they have infested your house, because they live inside the wood they are feeding on and have little reason to come out into the light of day where you can see them. Managing them is complex but fairly straightforward, however, because once the nest is found, you have located all of the termites and can concentrated on controlling them with appropriate measures. When it comes to dampwood termite control for Sydney homes, however, management is often carried out over the long term, rather than immediately.

Dampwood termites are much more likely to be seen by you, but are harder to manage for the same reason that they are so visible. The dampwood termite nest is usually located a good distance from your house or whatever timber structure is being invaded. Tracking down the home nest may prove to be entirely fruitless, or the termite nest may lie on the property of a neighbor or somewhere completely inaccessible. A few dampwood termite species live close to their food source, but most prefer to travel to it.

Dampwood termites are easier to spot because they do march all the way from their nest to the wooden banquet which is your house. They do not come out on the surface for most of this distance. As soft bodied insects, they are apt to dehydrate when exposed to the glare and heat of the Australian sun. Ants also prey voraciously on them, and though termites have a soldier caste which can fight against the ants, the best defense is to avoid a situation where a costly battle erupts in the first place.

When the subterranean tunnels of a termite nest reach a good source of damp wood (such as your house), there is often a final obstacle to cross: the hard concrete, stone, or brick foundation that your home rests on. This is not beyond the termites to overcome, however. They build “shelter tubes” out of soil particles, small pieces of wood, their own feces, and bits of anything they can find to shred (such as the cloth of your curtains or the coatings of your electric wires) which snake over the surface of the

Although these shelter tubes are small and colored an inconspicuous grey or brown, they are more visible than anything a drywood termite makes, and are often the first clue that you have a termite problem. They also illustrate why it’s so hard to manage these pests yourself – killing the termites in your home does nothing to harm the main colony, which is located at a distance in place where you will probably never be able to find it.

Often, the solution to dampwood termite control in Sydney is what military types would call “area denial” – infusing the soil around your house with long lasting insecticides, or even installing a set of reticulation systems which allow insecticides or repellants to be dispensed from buried pipes for years. Regardless of how intensive the management measures are, you can rely on Genera Pest Management to provide them in a professional, high quality, and effective way.

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