Commercial Space Termite Control in Sydney


Despite their commonness in ordinary homes, termites are no respecters of place or property, and will go wherever the alluring scent of wood draws them. If you are the owner of a business which owns wooden buildings, such as warehouses, restaurants, and so forth, or if you deal in timber products, then your tangible assets are at risk from termites as well.

Since the use of blocking chemicals in the soil is now illegal in Australia, commercial owners are especially vulnerable because the large size of many wooden industrial buildings prevents easy inspection by your own staff. We offer commercial termite control in Sydney for business owners who are experiencing termite problems, or who wish to take precautions to keep these social insects at bay.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, as the old proverb declares, and there are steps which can be taken to avert termite infestation before it happens. There is no infallible way to protect wood from termites, but there are non-chemical preventive measures that can be taken which will greatly reduce the risk.

In accordance with our dedication to providing commercial clients with preventive solutions that will reduce the risk of future pest problems, we will be happy to provide you with a thorough, professional program to help develop ways to keep your wooden buildings or timber products safe from these insects in the future as well. This is an important part of our commercial termite control services and we will put as much effort and detail into it as actually dealing with an existing infestation.

We will also carry out systematic Timber Pest Inspections on your wooden commercial structures, to ensure that there are no lurking wood-devourers at work inside its walls. This helps reduce long-term maintenance costs, keeps your structure in greater compliance with safety standards, and prevents damage from growing to the point where the building needs to be shut down partly or wholly for several days for repairs, resulting in a loss of revenue.

A major infestation of a wooden business space can be challenging to eliminate, but with our fully insured and accredited commercial termite control in Sydney, you can rely on us to provide powerful, successful solutions that will eliminate the insects and prevent further inconvenience or expense. Our treatment methods are in full compliance with current pest control law and will free you from the worry of the escalating damage caused by an invasion of termites.

The professionalism and dedication of our pest control personnel is one of the major assets that we offer to you in saving your business from termite depredations. We recognize that each business owner’s enterprise is unique and requires equally unique resolutions for the problems that it faces.

We also provide a 100% guarantee of the effectiveness of our pest control in between scheduled services, if, for example, you schedule regular Timber Pest Inspections with us. We are confident in our ability to diagnose and cure any termite difficulties your commercial property may have and give you the high quality service that you need.

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