Building New Structures and Sydney Termite Control


Termites are such a problem in Australia that they have found their way not only into the wood of around a fifth of the nation’s timber-construction homes and buildings, but into the law codes as well. The Building Code of Australia, which has been in effect for over 15 years, includes many rules that are applicable to Sydney termite control, and which must be taken into account when a new building is being constructed.

The law (and common sense) requires that all new buildings made out of wood should have some sort of physical and/or chemical barriers installed to keep these destructive insects at bay. These measures are not absolutely, 100% proof against the persistence of termites, but they greatly lessen the chances of severe infestation and the attendant property damage.

Our firm can provide termite prevention treatment in accordance with the guidelines in AS3660.2, as well as full documentation to ensure that your new construction is registered as being in compliance with the law. There are several different approaches that can be taken to repel termites from your home, and we are able to provide all of them in a highly professional, effective, and affordable manner to shield your new timber structure from six-legged invaders.

Spray-on physical barriers are one option. Termitium, for example, is a spray on coating which cannot be seen, but which provides a hard physical obstacle to termites, preventing them from gnawing through the softer mortar between bricks and gaining egress to your home in that way. The nature of the spray means that it can be used on both new and existing constructions, so you can use it as an upgrade to bring an older structure into compliance or to make sure that termites don’t penetrate your new brick and mortar construction to reach the timber parts beyond.

Termiticide barriers are also required and we can also provide these Sydney termite control measures for all constructions in the city area as well. Some barriers simply repel the termites, while other attack their nervous systems and kill them, as well as other termites when “polluted” insects return to the nest. A termiticide barrier is usually used in conjunction with physical barriers, such as termite-proof mortar, aluminium barriers, and so on.

Reticulation systems lie within our area of expertise as well. These are basically a flexible piping system with dispensing holes along the length of the pipe, with a pump-up point where termiticidal chemicals are added. In effect, just like gardens and crops can be watered with a drip-irrigation system, so chemicals can be dispensed in the same way.

Adding a reticulation system to your new home’s construction allows you to make repeated termiticide applications over time, and is a more permanent solution than a single application at the time of construction.

We will not only provide you with highly effective treatments and preventive measures, but with the compliance certificates that you need for construction purposes as well. Our services are comprehensive and well-rounded and will help you to keep the white, six-legged pests who are infesting Australia at bay whether you are constructing a garden gazebo or a full-sized wooden warehouse, or anything in between.

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