Australian Plague Locusts and Pest Control in Sydney


The very name “plague locust” evokes images of a disaster of Biblical proportions, considering how frequently the locust is mentioned in the Bible’s pages as a harbinger of desolation. Though sky-darkening hordes of these insects are rare outside Africa today, smaller swarms occur in Australia and are still capable of dealing heavy damage to several fields of crops or an area of pastureland. Pest control in the Sydney area, supplied by Genera Pest Management ( can deal with these famous insects just as successfully as other, less renowned species.

The Australian plague locust is a large, bright yellow grasshopper which passes through several wingless stages before growing wings at maturity and forming swarms if conditions are right. Millions of dollars worth of damage can be inflicted by a swarm in the course of a day or two, as they devour every edible plant in their path.

The first stage, known as the hopper, has no wings and damages chiefly lawns and pastures. The typical Sydney homeowner is most likely to encounter it as a lawn pest, though later stages may also attack legumes such as beans planted in your garden, fruit trees in your yard, or grapevines and tree seedlings. Plague locusts can potentially be encountered in any season except winter.

Though they are relatively large and easy to see, plague locusts are difficult to deal with because of their numbers. You are likely to see young locust in about one to two weeks after a rainstorm in the summer, since the adult locusts lay their eggs at this time so that their young can make use of the freshly sprouted growth that follows rain.

Although the Australian Plague Locust Commission has the responsibility of dealing with swarms, these locusts can be damaging even before they mature enough to take wing, and our services can help to nip future swarming behavior in the bud. We can handle all types of pest control in Sydney for you, whether you are a homeowner or a farmer who has a locust problem.

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