Are You Being Eaten Out Of House And Home?


There are a number of unseen and unwanted guests that may have invited themselves into your home without your knowing it.  Probably the greatest hazard is posed by termites, which can quietly eat away the wooden parts of your home without your being aware of it.  Often termite damage is only noticed when it has become severe and someone’s foot has gone through the floor. If you begin to suspect you have an infestation of termites, you will want to get professionals to handle the problem, and a call to Genera Pest Management will be your first step to ridding yourself of these insects.

Besides termites, there are several other insects that can cause damage to your home and its furnishings.  Another serious pest is the powder post beetle.  The eggs of this beetle are laid in wood, and when the larva hatches, it settles in to tunneling and eating until it is mature (which can take several years).  As their name suggests, wood is reduced to powder, and if there are a number present, serious damage can be done.  Carpet beetles are a common pest that will chew not only on your rugs, but will enjoy munching on nearly any fabric found in your home.  Silverfish enjoy eating paper products and can make significant inroads into your library.  When any of these vermin make themselves known, it is time to contact pest control in Sydney to handle the problem.

Insects are not the only pests that can cause problems with the integrity of your home, rats and mice can cause quite a bit of damage themselves, and are a reason to use Sydney pest control.  The sounds of their chewing are unmistakable, and these rodents can gnaw holes in walls and floors.  They can also chew through electrical wires, and have been responsible for equipment failure or house fires.

Fortunately, despite the best efforts of these pests, you will find that Genera Pest Management will help you to keep your home safe and sound.  The exterminations professionals there understand how to control and eliminate pests of all kinds.  Give them a ring for an inspection before a problem makes itself known.

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