Ant Pest Control Methods for Effective Results


Ants are among the most ancient and abundant creatures on earth. With an estimated 20,000 unique species, ants are found all over the world. These insects form colonies that can range from a few dozen to a few million. With colonies of ants on almost every mass of land on Earth, it’s easy to see why so many homeowners find themselves in the midst of an infestation. Although not as destructive as some other insects, the presence of a colony can be a serious problem, without fast attention. Ant pest control treatments can help prevent an infestation so you can avoid the presence of these pesky creatures in your home.

With so many thousands of species come a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and behavioural characteristics. Ants can range from tiny (a millimetre or 2 in length) to rather large (as much as 25mm in length). Depending on your area, you may see hundreds of different species in your yard or in your community. Some ants can be dangerous or even deadly, such as the fire ant. Fire ants are small, but bite the victim aggressively with poisonous stings. Ant pest control methods are the only way of keeping your family safe from the threats associated with the many species that may be in your area.

Finding effective treatments and ant pest control methods will give you peace of mind that your family will be safe from these pests. Whether you are at risk for fire ant infestations or harmless ants, you’ll want to keep them out of your home. Genera Pest Management is able to provide effective and affordable pest control options so you can eliminate pests in your home or business. For a free quote, contact Nationwide at 02 9546 7022.

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