Sydney Termite Control for Drywood Termites


Drywood termites are very recent newcomers to Australia, especially the West Indian drywood termite, which is probably the most destructive of the lot. They represent a major advance on the typical termite lifestyle, since they can not only consume wood that has little or no moisture in it, but also live inside the wood rather than in the ground.

Timbers offer them much more protection from the weather, birds, mammals, and their perennial enemies the ants, and also make them harder for homeowners to spot before they have done considerable damage. We offer Sydney termite control that can help manage these pests effectively in your old or new constructions.

Drywood termites are rather interesting insects despite their hunger for the wood that makes up your house. They produce winged “sexuals” – the future kings and queens of more drywood termite colonies – only after four years, meaning that the mating flight that usually betrays the presence of colony may not happen until after they have already mined out far-flung galleries in your walls, ceilings, and floors. Worse, several nests can exist peacefully in the same wooden building, so finding and controlling one nest will not necessarily stop the ongoing damage to your property.

Unlike other termites, there is no “worker” caste in West Indian drywood termite nests. Instead, the young termites, known rather ironically as “nymphs”, work at making the tunnels, which are very neat and smooth, and kept very tidy. These nymphs eventually metamorphose into soldiers, whose sole task is defending the nest from attackers, which they will do with astonishing (if rather mindless) courage.

Sydney termite control of these pests is carried out with care and skill by our firm, and varies by the extent and placement of the infestation. You should not attempt treatment of the termite problem yourself, because this can obscure the evidence and make it harder for us to apply the proper termite management measures. It is better to leave the inspection to us – we will prepare a complete report for you, written in plain, down to Earth English, and suggest the measures we think best for coping with the problem.

A small infestation of West Indian drywood termites can usually be managed by drilling holes into the galleries and inserting insecticide through these holes. This method needs expertise and judgment, too, however, because the holes must be placed properly to ensure that the nest is filled with insecticide, and the shape of the nest may vary hugely depending on where it is located in your walls, floor, or ceiling. A larger infestation may need drastic measures such as covering the whole house with tarpaulins and fumigating it for an appropriate length of time.

Sydney termite control of drywood termites is not an easy matter, but we at Genera Pest Management are ready and willing to furnish the termite management services you need to control the problem and make it less destructive to your property, both in the short and long term.

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