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    Biting midge (Ceratopogonidae) Facts *Biting midges are small robust insects with piercing and sucking mouthparts *These small flies are renowned for their nuisance biting associated with habitats such as coastal lagoons, estuaries, mangrove swamps and tidal flats *In Australia these flies are commonly known as sandflies *Are responsible for acute discomfort, irritation and severe local reactions Are you having problems with pests around your home or workplace, and are in need of pest control, Caringbah? Genera Pest Management’s friendly, professional and fully qualified staff are here to handle all of your needs for pest management, Caringbah. As one of the most experienced, professional and successful pest control companies in the Sydney area, we provide a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee with all of our services, which range from pest management and control to Caringbah pest inspection.

    Domestic Services

    Pest infestations in and around the home can be an inconvenience at best and dangerous at worst. If you believe that you might be facing an infestation situation in your home, and need the very best in domestic pest control, Caringbah, we at Genera Pest Management are here to help! No matter what your pest problem is, we are dedicated to providing the best in Caringbah residential pest control. Whether you are looking for bird control, Caringbah, or ant pest control, Caringbah, we can provide solutions that are safe, efficient and environmentally friendly to ensure only the most satisfactory of services!

    snake-02Commercial and Industrial Services

    In the workplace, pest infestations can be as inconvenient and potentially dangerous as they are in the home. Such infestations can result in sub-optimal working conditions, impairing the productivity and satisfaction of your employees and disrupting your normal workplace routines. Even calling in pest control services can result in disruptions to your routines as they handle the infestation. However, at Genera Pest Management, we pride ourselves on our ability to work directly with our clients to tailor our services to your particular circumstances, resulting in pest management that minimises disruption whilst maximising results. If you are looking for commercial pest control, Caringbah, or industrial pest control, Caringbah, there really is no better company to meet your needs than Genera Pest Management!

    Pre & Post Construction Services

    If you are planning your next major construction project, whether it be creating a new structure or renovating an old one, a major consideration that must be taken into account is that of one of nature’s most damaging pests; the termite. Termites feed upon wooden and plastic products, and if preventative measures are not taken they could ravage your materials or your structure! Therefore, to protect your or your client’s investment, it is imperative that you handle any current or potential problems.

    Marbled scorpion (Lychas marmoreus) Facts *Most commonly encountered scorpion species in Australia *Can be found in many urban environments as well as natural habitats *Known to wander into houses, causing alarm when discovered hiding under everyday household objects *Can be found sheltering under the bark of trees, in leaf litter, under rocks or under fallen logs and sometimes in houses *Diet consists of small insects but particularly fond of termites If you are looking for a company to provide a termite pest inspection, Caringbah, or provide solutions for termite management, Caringbah, the staff at Genera Pest Management are fully equipped and qualified to provide for all of your termite treatment, Caringbah, needs! We are fully qualified to install both physical and chemical barriers to prevent termites from sabotaging your project, so if you are looking for only the best in Caringbah termite control, contact us now!

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