Domestic Services Price List

All prices quoted are exclusive of GST (Starting from prices)

Type of


*All common household pests


*All common household pests
+ Rodents

Specialised General

*Pest Treatment + Ant Treatment

Unit $145.00 $170.00 N/A
Single Storey House $230.00 $270.00 $480.00
Double Storey House $275.00 $335.00 $500.00

* All common household pests excludes rodents, birds, wood destroying insects, bed bugs, European wasps, fleas, ants, non-webbing spiders etc… . (German Cockroaches may
require additional treatments)

Other Pest Services

Service Price Notes
Paper Wasps $180.00

$280.00 (property size less than 700 m2)

$450.00 (property size between 700 m2 and 1000 m2)

Properties larger than 1000 m2) – please phone one of our technicians for a price

Bed Bugs $400.00 1st room
$250.00 each extra room
All work guaranteed. If we have to come back –
you don’t pay (Includes Steam & Spray)
More information on Bed Bugs, please click
HERE to read more
Bees $250.00 per hive Conditions Apply – Subject to hive size and
Ants $210.00 Conditions Apply – regular treatments may be
required depending on severity of infestation.
Rodents Only $180.00 Rodent Tamper Resistant bait stations
Possums $380.00. (additional $80.00 per possum captured + seal
entry points $150.00 + gst ea.)
Comprehensive Termite
Inspection & Report in accordance
with AS 3660
$280.00 With comprehensive written reports
Comprehensive Pre-purchase
pest inspection report in accordance
with AS 4349.3 – 2010
$350.00 With comprehensive written reports
Snake Capture

$150.00 call out fee plus

$150.00 for each snake located and removed

$85.00 cancellation fee applies if cancellation
is within 2 hours of booked time

All snakes are released back into their native
habitat, away from their capture site
Ferrel Cats

$380.00 Initial Setup (One cage per week)

* Additional traps @ $100.00 (per week/trap)
$110.00 for disposal of each trapped cat

All cats scanned for microchip prior to disposal
Termite Treatment is subject to a site inspection and a written quotation (book now)
Bird Control
  • Locate, remove one bird nest, treat for bird mites
    • Single Level Residential Property from $350.00
    • Dual Level Residential Property from $450.00
    • Additional entry points from $150.00 each

Bird Control and Bird Management Programs are subject to
site inspection and a written quotation
(book now) Programs also available baiting, trapping,
shooting, bird proofing and nest removal.

What you receive

  • We will treat all your indoor areas
  • We will treat all accessible subfloors and accessible roof cavities
  • We will treat all your kitchen and laundry cupboards with insect baits
  • We will treat your garage and carport – (Free Standing properties only)
  • We will treat the exterior of all your buildings [including eaves, under gutters, windows, all access points etc…]
  • We will treat your garden beds, fences and paths

* We are confident that you will not find such a comprehensive treatment program for the same price, that we are offering

What we use and where we use it

  • We will treat the inside of your home with Seclira spray
  • We will treat your roof cavities with Dragnet Dust or equivalent
  • We will treat your subfloors with Bifenthrin spray or Dragnet (whichever is most suitable)
  • We will treat your kitchen and laundry with Goliath Gel
  • We will treat the external areas of your premises with Bifenthrin spray
  • We will treat your rodents with rodent baits

* We are confident that you will not find such a comprehensive treatment program for the same price, that we are offering

Genera Pest Management

Our Guarantee to you

Genera Pest Management guarantees all work and services provided to all clients. We guarantee that if we are not able
to bring your pests under control in the manner and in the time as agreed, we will continue to attend and treat your
premises as often and as necessary until we fulfil our obligations to you. We guarantee all domestic pest treatments for
6 months. We also guarantee all commercial work between scheduled services.

All General Pest Treatments are guaranteed for up to of 6 months subject to compliance with technicians’
recommendations. Specialised pests including Subterranean Insects can only be warrantied to resolve an existing
problem and follow up inspections and treatments may be required.

All commercial work is guaranteed between scheduled services and in accordance with the agreed treatment plan

All guarantees are subject to client compliance with technicians’ recommendations at the time of service

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