Facts about Pest Control in Baulkham Hills

When it comes to pest infestations, residences and commercial establishments are equally affected; but the reasons for carrying out pest control in Baulkham Hills will be different for both. In a home, it is important to get pest control done, to ensure that the space remains hygienic, healthy and disease-free. In a commercial establishment too, all these aspects are important. However, it is crucial for the latter to have a pest-free environment because the reputation of their business depends on this.

This is particularly true for establishments that are in the food and hospitality business, such as restaurants, hotels and pubs. Pests, whether large or small are a menace; they damage your property and many are also disease carriers.

Call the Specialists

Genera Pest Management is a credible and well-established company that provides the best pest control in Baulkham Hills and the surrounding areas. Our solutions help in the control & prevention of a range of pests such as bugs, rodents, cockroaches, rats, mice, files etc.  We are the pest control specialists that provide professional and effective services.

We have a team of industry-trained and knowledgeable staff and all jobs and handled efficiently and to your complete satisfaction.  We ensure that our staff undergoes upgrade training on a regular basis and all the necessary accreditation to ensure that you are provided with the best services with the use of the latest technology.

The Pests We Treat

Based on the nature and severity of the infestation, we can provide either a one-time services or ongoing plans for pest control in Baulkham Hills. We have the expertise to treat:

We specialise in providing pest control in Baulkham Hills for wood-damaging pests such as, Beetles, White Ants and Termites. When you call us with your request, our personnel will visit your home or office, assess the severity of the infestation and provide you with a detailed quote. The treatments we provide are environmentally-safe and effective and   provide long-term protection from pests.

Thorough Coverage

When we handle pest control in Baulkham Hills for you, our inspection team will cover all the accessible areas such as:

  • External Areas on your property
  • Garage Areas
  • Outbuilding Areas
  • Accessible Subfloor Spaces
  • Internal Areas
  • Roof Cavities

Why Choose Us?

  • Unbiased Reporting
  • Everything is explained very simply
  • Fully Accredited, Licensed & Insured Operators
  • Highly-Competitive Pricing
  • No Hidden Costs
  • Colour Pictures of the Property Included in Report if requested

If you are looking  for an expert company to provide you with exceptional pest control in Baulkham Hills, call Genera Pest Management on 02 9546 7022 or contact us via this form.